Get the best, for the best, by the best.

Bengal Crop Care Ltd – Quality Product is Our Promise. As our slogan suggests, we promise you the best quality. Our journey started on 2016 with a view to help the farmers grow and protect their crops which they grow with their blood, sweat and tears. As farmers are one of the great contributors to a country’s development and to the world as whole, they deserve the highest quality products for the lowest price possible. In Bangladesh, farmers have a hard time protecting the crops from insects, fungus and harmful herbs. They cannot afford to buy the overpriced products out there. That is why Bengal Crop Care Limited started their journey to put an end to this misery. Now it has successfully accomplished the goal and focusing on providing even better service. With a dedicated CEO like ours, we hope to extend our services to every corner of our loving country, Bangladesh and take the goal of making a Sonar Bangla a step further.

We always prioritize quality over quantity. So that you can be at ease and not even worry about the quality. In Bengal Crop Care Ltd, you do not worry about the quality. You get the best, for the best, by the best.

We believe in 100% traceability for each and every product

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